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Simple principles to tackle complex problems 

In every field of life - social, environment, public services, business - apparently simple challenges seem tough to crack. Our efforts either do not to work, or they lead to further unforeseen problems. A system dynamics mind-set and the working models that use it can tackle such challenges because they show how to overcome the mechanisms that work against (see more on these below!)

Take this free course to actually build one of these models (it is about reducing certain crimes on the public-transport system). We lead you through a logical 'agile' process to get from the first chart of the outcome you want to see, back through the factors that drive that outcome and the interdependencies between those factors. At every step, you know the model is OK because all its elements behave in the same way that they do in the real world.

Problems and opportunities feature complex challenges:

It takes time for things to build up - both good things, like money, friends, natural resources, education, and bad things, like debt, unemployment, waste and greenhouse gases.

Elements in "the system" depend on each other - getting a better job needs higher skills; cutting carbon emissions needs cheaper alternative power; declining habitats cuts wildlife ...

Feedback drives change, both for better or worse - more traffic needs more roads, which drives more traffic; cheaper alternative energy drives more capacity, which makes it cheaper ...

Thresholds drive tipping-points - work-pressure is OK until it drives staff to resign; rising temperatures trigger ice-melting; electric vehicles suddenly become affordable for millions ...

And intangible factors impact on all these mechanisms - mistrust makes us ignore good advice; understanding drives responsible behaviour; data improves the services we need ...

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Mary-Ann Andre


Great content, supported by robust material!

2 months ago
Yassine Lmal


Clear and easy to follow discussions

2 months ago
Tay Kian Seng Tay


Clear and concise explanations, with easy-to-follow step-by-step guided practice! I am more confident now about using SD to address real life complex issues at work, especially with such a user-friendly software tool.

1 year ago
Stephan Brown Brown

A service to SD!

Wonderfully presented. Clear, down-to-earth, and practical. Maybe the biggest advantage to Agile SD is the method's ability to engage stakeholders from the get-go! Thank you for this course and for formulating the method.

1 year ago
Mario De Toma

a good start

good introduction to the world of agile SD, clear and simple

2 years ago
Ali al-Azzawi

To the point!

Many thanks for this very useful and succinct course, giving a great working introduction, and demystifying SD.

2 years ago
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Kim Warren

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and publisher of online courses and teaching resources on business modeling – fast becoming a main-stream capability for executives, consultants and business students. He also offers resources to help model non-business challenges, notably in health-care and international aid.

After senior corporate strategy roles, Kim joined London Business School, to teach on MBA and Executive programs. To overcome serious limitations with standard strategy methods, he developed the powerful strategy dynamics modelling method for designing and managing strategy for any organisation or challenge. Once a specialist skill, building these simulations is now easier, faster and more reliable than spreadsheet modeling. Such models mimic real-world behaviour and performance of businesses and other organisations with uncanny realism.

Kim is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), a major strategy textbook Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008), and summary e-book now widely used in MBA and executive teaching – Strategy Dynamics Essentials (Kindle, 2011). He is also co-founder of Strategy Dynamics Ltd, which publishes "serious games" and online courses exploiting the user-friendly modelling application, Silico.