How competition works - and how digital-twin models can help

... a short course for Leaders and Analysts

A winning competitive strategy is of huge value. ... but there's much more to this than picking a promising customer group and offering products they want.

You and those pesky competitors are engaged in a continuous war - to capture potential customers, to steal customers from each other, and to win a bigger share of sales to customers who are not loyal to either of you. 

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The 2 parts of the course

For business leaders - PART 1 shows the huge value companies can get from mastering their competitive challenges, and explains with a live example the 3 standard types of competition that you can understand and manage. 

For analysts and consultants - PART 2 shows how to build digital-twin business models that mimic any business system. Easier, faster and more reliable than anything possible with spreadsheets, these powerful models can also handle the much wider scope of issues needed to capture and manage competitive interactions. 

AND both parts are important to both groups ... Leaders - you should understand what digital-twin models can do for you ... Analysts/consultants - you should understand what leaders need.

Course Curriculum

Kim Warren

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and publisher of online courses and teaching resources on business modeling – fast becoming a main-stream capability for executives, consultants and business students. He also offers resources to help model non-business challenges, notably in health-care and international aid.

After senior corporate strategy roles, Kim joined London Business School, to teach on MBA and Executive programs. To overcome serious limitations with standard strategy methods, he developed the powerful strategy dynamics modelling method for designing and managing strategy for any organisation or challenge. Once a specialist skill, building these simulations is now easier, faster and more reliable than spreadsheet modeling. Such models mimic real-world behaviour and performance of businesses and other organisations with uncanny realism.

Kim is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), a major strategy textbook Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008), and summary e-book now widely used in MBA and executive teaching – Strategy Dynamics Essentials (Kindle, 2011). He is also co-founder of Strategy Dynamics Ltd, which publishes "serious games" and online courses exploiting the user-friendly modelling application, Silico.

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